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Isotherapy: What is Isotherapy?
To combat a recurrent infection, homeopathy uses Isotherapy.
Infection is treated with an identical disease agent prepared from microbial secretions that come from the patient himself. Secretions may include pus, scabs, or urine. To avoid degradation, the secretion is placed in a special container, and sent to a homeopathy laboratory, where it is submitted to a cold sterile filtration. A remedy is then prepared and sent back to the patient within twenty-four hours.

Isotherapy For Allergies
Isotherapy is especially used for allergic conditions. Allergens, such as dust mite, ragweed, hay, and pollen cause certain individual's immune system to over react. When the allergen is known, it is collected and sent to the laboratory, where it is sterilized and diluted according to homeopathic procedures. The patient than takes the allergen that caused his system to over react. The substance at the infinitesimal attenuation desensitizes the immune system and eventually stops the hypersensitivity reaction to the allergen.
Example of Isotherapy:
Let's say a patient is allergic to cat dander. A piece of the cat's fur is clipped and sent to the laboratory. In time, the allergen, prepared at the infinitesimal attenuation, will desensitize the patient by shutting off the hypersensitivity reaction to cat dander.
 Isotherapy: What is Isotherapy?
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