Homeopathic Remedies & Treatment
Natural Homeopathic Remedies & Treatment 
Potency Strength in Homeopathic Medicine 
Scale of Dilution in Labels 
TM = Mother tincture 
D or X = Decimal
DH = Decimal Hahnemannian
C = Centesimal
CH = Centesimal Hahnemannian
LM = Fifty milesimal
Complementary Therapies Used in Homeopathy 
Schuessler Biochemic Salts
Natural Homeopathic Remedies & Treatment 
The book, "Complete Homeopathic Cures" gives step-by- step
instructions on how to use homeopathy in conjunction with its
complementary therapies.
Norine Crescenzi is a homeopath and colon hydrotherapist. She has been practicing
homeopathic medicine since 1994.
Disillusioned with medicine made from synthetic and chemical compounds
that often cause side effects which are greater than the disease itself,
consumers are looking for a safer and more effective mode to treat themselves.
Homeopathy goes beyond herbs. It uses complementary therapies such as
isotherapy, gemmotherapy, oligotherapy, nosodotherapy, eugenism, and
Schuessler biochemic salts to treat disease.
While homeopathy stimulates the body's defense mechanism, other modalities
are used to detoxify the cells, rectify diseased organs, and restore metabolic
In the book, "Complete Homeopathic Cures", the author explains:
  • The fundamental principles of homeopathy.
  • How to treat diseases naturally.
  • How to remove disease influence.
  • How to rebalance organs, glands, and tissues weakened by toxins.
  • How to correct metabolic imbalances.
  • How to detoxify intoxicated tissues.
  • The importance of good food-combining.
  • The importance of eating wholesome foods.
  • The importance of acid/alkaline balance.
  • How to use gemmotherapy, isotherapy, organotherapy, oligotherapy,
  • nosodes, and tissue salts with homeopathy.
The author also identifies possible cause of disease, gives dietary recommendations,
and suggests homeopathy and its complementary therapies in the treatment of over
150 common ailments and diseases.


How Often to Take Homeopathic Medicine:
Acute conditions: Ten drops or five pellets every fifteen minutes for two hours
Chronic conditions: High dilutions are taken once a day immediately upon rising on an empty stomach. Low to medium dilutions is taken three times a day, one-half hour before or two hours after a meal.
Two or more remedies: They are not to be taken together but separately once a day. Take one remedy in the morning, the second remedy at lunch, and the third remedy in the evening.
When medicine needs to be alternated: Put the number 1 on the first bottle, and the number 2 on the second bottle. Take bottle number 1 on odd days, and bottle number 2 on even days.
Ointment - external use - three applications per day
Suppositories - one suppository morning and night
First Aid Medicine Kit
Arnica: (trauma, sport injury, car accident, fall, surgery)
Aconite: (onset of a cold)
Apis mellifica: (bee sting, insect bite)
Arsenicum album: (indigestion, intestinal colic, food poisoning)
Belladonna: (fever, convulsion) 
Bryonia: (fracture)
Chamomilla: (unbearable pain)
Hypericum: (pain killer)
Nux vomica: (bloating)
Pulsatilla: (common cold, bronchitis)
Rhus tox: (poison ivy, a burn with water bubble)
The Travel Medicine Kit
Arsenicum album: (food poisoning)
Calendula cream: (cuts, wounds, burns, antiseptic)
China: (hemorrhages)
Cocculus: (motion sickness, car, plane, train)
Glonoinum: (sunstroke)
Ledum: (punctured skin, black eye)
Nux Vomica: (hangover)
Pulsatilla: (sore throat, cough, cold)
Sepia: (menstrual cramps)
Veratum album: (diarrhea)  
How to Use Homeopathy:
Drops (alcohol-based liquid): Place ten drops under the tongue one-half hour before a meal or two hours after
Granules: Place five pellets under the tongue one-half hour before a meal or two hours after 
Tablets (lactose): Place four pellets under the tongue 
Dose: Unitary intake one-half hour before breakfast or two hours after
Mother tincture: Put ten drops in 1/2 cup of water
Homeopathy for Babies:
Dissolve two pellets in a tsp of water  
Crush tablets between two plastic spoons 
Older Children;
Place three tablets or pellets under the tongue three times a day
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