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There are two types of bronchitis: Acute and chronic.
Acute bronchitis is caused when the bronchial tubes
become infected by one of many viruses. It occurs after
an influenza, or flu which persists and leads to a stubborn
cough, fever, and burning chest pain. Bronchitis may last
two to three weeks. If it persists longer than that, it may
develop into a chronic infection. The possible complications
are pneumonia and sinus infection.
Chronic bronchitis is a persistent inflammation of the
bronchial tubes characterized by thick mucus and secretions.
It can last from several months to years. It is caused by
repeated infection of the bronchial tubes to cigarette smoking,
exposure to dust, and chemical vapors. The most common
symptoms are convulsive coughing, difficult breathing, yellow,
or green mucus and phlegm difficult to expectorate.
Homeopathic Treatment Goal for Bronchitis
Coughing is the body's natural method of getting rid of excessive
accumulation of mucus secretions in the bronchial tubes. Do not
suppress the body's natural ability to heal itself. Do not take a cough
suppressant. Doing so, may lead to a lung disease.
Leading Remedies in Homeopathy
Aconitum treats bronchitis that comes suddenly after exposure to
cold air. Symptoms include a short, dry cough, chills, andfever. The
person has great anxiety.
Belladonna treats acute bronchitis.Symptoms include a dry cough,
headache, fever, and profuse perspiration. The condition is
worse after 3 a.m. The throat is red and sore.
Bryonia treats chronic bronchitis with possible complication of broncho-
pneumonia or pleurisy. The cough is accompanied with a sore throat with
difficulty swallowing The chest feels as if its going to burst with every
movement (breathing). A desire to be left alone and not to be disturbed.
Kalium bichromicum treats the hyper production of mucus. It helps
bring out phlegm. Indicated for both acute and chronic bronchitis.
Rhino-pharyngitis with nasal obstruction of very thick stringy mucus.
Ulceration of the mucous membrane.
Antimonium tartaricum treats chronic bronchitis, inflammation
of the airways, and pulmonary edema. Symptoms include a convulsive
cough, thick green mucus, and little expectoration.
Chamomilla treats acute bronchitis. An intolerable cough with chest
pain, worse around 9 p.m. The person is impatient, nervous, and angry.
Ipeca treats acute bronchitis. It fluidifies bronchial secretion and
helps with expectoration. The person has a convulsive cough that
ends in gagging or vomit.
Hydrastis treats chronic bronchitis with a running nose, a viscous,
foul, nasal catarrh, a thick, stringy, yellow discharge, and ulceration of
the nostrils.
Grindelia treats a loose, productive cough. It helps remove excess mucus.
The person feels as if suffocating upon falling asleep.
Kalium iodatum treats bronchitis, laryngitis, coryza, and asthma.
Symptoms include are a runny nose, sneezing, and loss of smell. The
condition gets worse in the evening.
Kreosotum treats a smoker's cough. All secretions are acrid and corrosive.
Pertussin is a nosode prepared from the pertussin bacterium. Symptoms
include flu like symptoms, a red face, sneezing, and coughing spells.
Argentum nitricum relieves irritation of the larynx. The remedy is indicated
formorning hoarseness of singers and orators. The person can't talk or sing
without coughing.
Ammonium carbonicum is a remedy for people who eliminate toxins
poorly. It treats bronchopneumonia. A hard-to-shake cough, shallow breathing,
and chest pain. The nose bleeds after washing the face.
Arsenicum iodatum relieves an obstruction in the respiratory tract; mucus hard
to expel.
Phosphorus triiodatus is indicated in the treatment of flu complications; bronchitis,
laryngitis, bronchopneumonia, and pulmonary congestions.
Arum triphyllum treats acute bronchitis. The discharge from the nose is excoriating,
and the corners of the mouth are cracked. Indicated also for a repetitious dry cough
that is caused by tobacco.
Causticum treats chronic bronchitis of the elderly 55 yrs and older. A cough with
involuntary discharge of urine. It also treats a morning smoker's cough.
Drosera is indicated in the treatment of acute bronchitis. A dry spasmodic cough
with difficulty breathing, an inclination to vomit. The person has a sore throat and
isunable to take solids.
Stannum treats a respiratory infection. There is great accumulation of mucus
in the trachea, shortness of breath, and a violent cough.
Spongia tosta treats bronchitis with an oppressive and suffocating cough, a
sensation as if breathing through a sponge. The thyroid glands are swollen and hard.
Bronchitis according to modalities (> refers to worse,
> refers to better)
Bryonia is > at 9 p.m., or after eating a meal, and < from pressure
to the chest
Stannum is > talking, laughing, or drinking, and < coughing or expectorating
Lachesis is > on rising, and < in the evening
Kali Bich is > between 4 and 5 p.m., and < in bed
Pulsatilla is > in a closed room, and < in the open air
Kalium carbonicum is > from indoor heat, and < bending over
Psorinum is < kneeling with the head touching the floor
Home Remedies for Bronchitis
Avoid going out in the cold, fog, or rain.
Avoid mucus-forming foods.
Avoid foods rich in saturated fats.
Consume plenty of yellow and green fruits and vegetables.
Make yourself hot lemonade, for vitamin C
Put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a humidifier.
Drink plenty of warm fluids to keep secretions loose.
Apply a mustard poultice to the chest.
Stop smoking
Supplements for Bronchitis
Echinacea is recommended at the first sign of a bacterial or
viral infection.
Lobelia extract is used as an expectorant. It stimulates the
respiratory system.
Eucalyptus oil helps relieve bronchial congestion.
Vitamin C increases the body's resistant to infection.
Zinc lozenges reduce the duration of bronchitis.
Ester C helps heal inflammation.
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How To Use Homeopathy:
Drops (alcohol-based liquid) - ten drops under the tongue 1/2 hr before each (3) meal
or two hrs after
Granules - 4 pellets under the tongue 1/2 hr before each (3) meal or two
hrs after
Tablets (lactose) - 4 pellets under the tongue 3 times a day
Dose - unitary intake 1/2 hr before breakfast or 2 hrs after
Mother tincture - 10 drops in 1/2 cup of water
Ointment - external use - 3 applications per day
Suppositories - 1 suppository morning & night
For Babies:
Dissolve 2 pellets in a tsp of water 
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